Townsville, Qld

Port of Townsville

Adbri supplied and installed over 9,000m2 of heavy duty concrete pavers to meet a demanding engineering specification for a machine laid, heavy duty concrete pavement.

About the project

Adbri Masonry’s Contracting Services team, who undertake a range of supply and installation of commercial retaining wall and paving projects, successfully completed a major hardstand port terminal for the Berth 4 project at Port of Townsville.

With the immense weight of port machinery and freight containers, a heavy duty concrete paver capable of meeting the engineering specification and extreme loads was needed at the Berth 4 hardstand project. In response to this project requirement, Adbri presented a solution for the supply an installation of over 9,700m2 of locally produced, industrial strength concrete brick pavers.

The paving specification required a 200mm x 100mm x 100mm paver to be laid within a 4 week construction period. This size paver had only been utilised in container hardstands pavements where the product was manufactured on larger production machines and with a project of this size requiring an agile response and local servicing, the challenge for Adbri was to manufacture this same paver in a smaller manufacturing plant locally in Townsville where such a product had never been produced.

With an unwavering commitment to quality and delivery on customer expectations, the local Townsville team did an incredible job of trialling, testing, producing and delivering locally made product for this kye project. Not only did local production result in a more cost effective solution for the client, but it also delivered environmental benefit by cutting out thousands of kilometres of transport (and fossil fuel use) that would have otherwise been used. It’s outside of the box problem solving, high performance products and a commitment to sustainability that’s allowed Adbri to help build Australia since 1882.

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