Lower Carbon Products

Adbri EvoCem™, lower carbon cement

Adbri EvoCem™ is a General Purpose Limestone cement (Type GL), pioneered in Australia by Adbri.

This next generation cement reduces embodied carbon by a minimum of 8% compared to conventional Type GP cement. Compliant with AS3972, Adbri EvoCem™ delivers equivalent performance to Type GP cement. It is suitable for use as a replacement for Type GP cement in concrete, and its use satisfies the performance requirements of AS1379 and AS3600.

Lower carbon cement with equivalent performance

Adbri EvoCem™ can be used as a direct replacement for Type GP cement and provides customers with a more sustainable choice. EvoCem™ is supported by our independently verified Cement EPD which details the comparison between Adbri Type GP cement and Adbri EvoCem™. Our EPD includes EvoCem™, as well as our Type GP cement manufactured at a range of Australian locations.

Benefits of EvoCem™ low carbon cement

  • Reduces embodied carbon by a minimum of 8% when compared to conventional Adbri Type GP cement.
  • Provides equivalent performance to Type GP cement.
  • Complies AS3972 AS1379, and AS3600

Proven Capability

To demonstrate its effectiveness as a direct substitute for Type GP cement, Adbri have used EvoCem™ cement as the binder in over 500,000m3 of concrete across various field trials covering a range of applications including precast manufacturing, post tensioned concrete and residential construction.

Adbri EvoCem™ is a more sustainable choice for customers who are seeking locally made low carbon cement to Build a Better Australia.

Manufacturing lower carbon cement

Adbri EvoCem™ uses proven technology from some of the world’s largest concrete markets including the United States and Canada who use Type GL cement (known in the US as Portland Limestone (PLC) cements) for lower carbon construction.

Adbri manufacture EvoCem™ using a highly specialised process that results in a lower embodied carbon cement with performance equivalent to Type GP cement. This process involves optimisation of the cement particle size distribution, and the use of innovative cement improving additives.

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Futurecrete is Adbri’s low carbon concrete that uses supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) to reduce the embodied carbon of concrete. The Futurecrete range is backed by Adbri’s independently verified Concrete Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) ensuring you can Build Better using low carbon concrete with confidence.

Over 15 years ago, we started to incorporate SCMs into our concrete mixes. This can reduce embodied carbon compared to conventional concretes with no cement substitution. It is these innovative solutions that allowed us to create the Futurecrete® range of low carbon concretes.

Build Better with Futurecrete®

  • Lower embodied carbon than conventional concrete
  • Can assist in achieving your projects’ sustainability criteria and goals
  • Backed by our independently verified Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)
  • Can be customised to meet the unique needs of your project, supported by our in-house technical experts.
  • Low carbon concrete available in QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, NT
  • Supports the circular economy by recycling industrial byproducts
  • Maintains the strength and durability of conventional concrete
  • Exceeds the performance requirements of AS1379 and AS3600, and is suitable for use in most applications.

Futurecrete® Applications

Futurecrete® is a range of premix concretes designed and manufactured in accordance with the performance requirements of AS1379 and AS3600, with lower embodied carbon compared to conventional concrete with no cement substitution.

Futurecrete® can be used in a wide range of project applications delivering equivalent performance to conventional concrete in most applications.
In applications that require high early strength, such as post-tension and precast slabs, our experienced technical team can provide advice and bespoke designs to suit the needs of most projects.

For non-standard applications, professional advice on its suitability should be sought from a qualified structural engineer.


At Adbri, we are committed to a sustainable future with a goal of net zero emissions by 2050. As part of this commitment, we are providing independently verified, transparent, and comparable information about the environmental impact of our products through the development of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD).

With the publication of eight EPDs covering a selection of our cement, lime, masonry products and premix concretes, we’re supporting the transition to a lower carbon future.

Our EPDs are independently verified to ISO 14025 and the best practice standard EN 15804, as well as a relevant Product Category Rule, and are registered with EPD Australasia.

Environmental Product Declarations


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