Sydney, NSW

Streetscape Renewal

Adbri’s premium Euro® range of concrete pavers were used to enhance the pedestrian streetscapes of a number of inner city suburbs.

Euro paving

About the project

City of Sydney has invested in numerous horizontal infrastructure and pedestrian streetscape projects to support the growth and urban renewal which is taking place in the Green Square precinct which is comprised of Sydney’s oldest heartland suburbs of Beaconsfield, Zetland, parts of Rosebery, Alexandria and Waterloo.

With streetscape paving a key ingredient in beautify public spaces, the material selection for the pavers to line these city streets was an important consideration and ultimately, Adbri’s premium Euro® Paving Range was selected to meet the needs of this project.

Over a two year supply period, Adbri manufactured and delivered over 5,000m2 of large format concrete pavers from the architectural Euro® Stone range. A 600x400x60mm paver was selected as the primary paver for use with the modern format in dark colour tones providing a highly desirably aesthetic appeal. A 60mm paver unit was selected due to its ability to meet the sites requirements for pavements to withstand loads of light commercial vehicles including those utilised by Emergency Services.

As the urban renewal of this heartland area continues, Adbri will continue to support the City’s needs with the local manufacture of high performance segmental concrete pavements.

Owner City of Sydney
Client City of Sydney

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